About Us

We are a family operated business with the care of relationships as top priority. Over 15 years experience providing restoration and maintenance services to commercial, residential and governmental facilities through-out the Metropolitan Area.

Our commitment to improving the quality of your surroundings extends to metals. We specialize in on-site cleaning, refinishing, restoring and maintaining of all metal surfaces. We’er here at imperial have skilled technicians, professional techniques and courtesy eyes to detail. Offering various maintenance plans to accommodate quality of services prolonging wear and tear damage, we repair architectural metal finishes and conduct restorations to its original shine for all types finishes. We are the only people you need to call when your material surfaces need attention. Rely on us to keep your buildings, Storefronts and homes beautiful. Metal maintenance programs designed specifically for your needs. A custom designed, cost effective method of preserving your property’s image . We accommodate time schedules that would not conflict with normal business hours (24 hours 7 days a week)main entrance