Metal Refinishing & Metal Restoration

Our firm specializes in architectural metal refinishing, restoration, preservation and preventive building maintenance services.

⋅ Developing maintenance solutions

Imperial has led the industry in researching and developing new and advanced maintenance procedures for all types of metal finishes. When we develop a metal maintenance solution, we do so with two objectives in mind.

First: we want to assure that a facility’s architectural metal surfaces are as attractive as possible so the original beauty is maintained.

Second: we strive to develop a long-term maintenance program that works within your budget and assures that architectural surfaces never need major repair or replacement due to wear, neglect, or potentially damaging cleaning procedures.

Metal cleaning services: An initial assessment of the surface is crucial to determine the degree of degradation. Best treatment method for the surface and preventative measures to control further damage.

(repaired gauges on bottom panel then resprayed with a fresh coat of paint)