Stainless Steel Maintenance & Aluminum Window Frame Recoloring

Are you looking to repaint and refinish the aluminum frames on your home or business? If so, the experts at Imperial Restoration & Maintenance Group LLC are here to help. We offer a wide range of services, including aluminum joinery painting and refinishing in Manhattan, NY and throughout New York City. Over the  years, we have spent a great amount of time researching and determining the best painting and refinishing procedures for aluminum, and as such, we will have your aluminum frames looking brand new again.

Reasons to Have Aluminum Joinery Painting and Refinishing Services Done

Without question, if you the aluminum frames on your doors or windows are starting corrode and deteriorate, it can hurt the value of your property while also creating an eyesore. What’s more, since replacing window frames or door frames is often a pricey endeavor, it makes sense to instead have them painted and refinished, which will leaving them looking good as new.

Let Imperial Restoration & Maintenance Group LLC Help You Restore Your Aluminum Frames

We’ve spent years determining the best applications to finish aluminum frames. In fact, our coatings are renowned not only for being aesthetically pleasing, but for also helping to extend the life of your aluminum frames. And best of all, it’s a much more affordable option than replacing them, Moreover, the paint finish we use can be customized to suit the overall décor of your home or business and will last for years to come.

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