Wood Refinishing & Metal Polishing Services

Do you have aluminum, bronze, copper, nickel, or stainless steel surfaces in your home or business that look dull and lifeless? Restore these surfaces with the metal cleaning and polishing services in Queens, NY available through Imperial Restoration & Maintenance Group LLC. We’ve developed a series of techniques designed to clean and polish metal entrances, bannisters, railings, doors, walls, elevators, gates, storefronts, and more. We can make your metal surfaces look brand new when we’re done and help you avoid having to replace them.
Wood Refinishing & Metal Polishing Services in NYC
Here are the types of metal finishes that we can provide for you through our metal cleaning and polishing services:

Aluminum: Anodized, Duranodic, and Painted

Bronze: Satin, Mirror, Oxidized, and Non-Directional

Copper: Satin, Mirror, and Oxidized

Nickel: Satin and Mirror

Stainless Steel: Satin, Mirror, and Non-Directional

Non-Ferrous Metals: Iron-Free Metals


We’re capable of performing myriad procedures when you trust us to provide you with metal restoration and refinishing services. This includes polishing, regaining, oxidation, scratch removal, vandalism removal, waxing, and metal cleaning.

We can also provide residential and commercial property owners with other services, in addition to our basic metal cleaning and polishing services. Turn to us for services like:

  • Escalator Metal Cleaning and Maintenance
  • Aluminum Cleaning and Coating
  • Bronze and Stainless Steel Plaque Polishing
  • Brass Fixture Cleaning and Maintenance
  • Metal Refinishing and Maintenance (Elevators, Revolving Doors, Lobby Interiors, Building Exteriors, etc.)
  • Metal Painting (Wall Panels, Window Mullions, Doors and Frames)
  • Polishing (Aluminum, Brass, Bronze, Chrome, Copper, Nickel, and Stainless Steel)
  • Chandelier⁄Lighting Restoration (Chandeliers, Lamps, and Wall Sconces)
  • Hardware Restoration (Door Hardware, Fireplace Hardware, and Brass Beds)

Contact Imperial Restoration & Maintenance Group LLC at 914-481-4976 today to ask us questions about metal cleaning and polishing services or to get an estimate. We can also help you restore and maintain marble surfaces, wood surfaces, painted surfaces, and more.