Wood restoration and Touch-Up Services

If you’re becoming increasingly annoyed by scratches, rots, dents or other unsightly blemishes on your wooden surfaces, you should consider having them professionally restored. If you’re in New York City, Imperial Restoration & Maintenance Group LLC has the experience and expertise to provide touch up services to wooden surfaces of any kind.

The Advantages of Wood Restoration and Touch Up Services

When touching up and working on wooden surfaces, we use innovative equipment and the best methods we have spent years perfecting. As such, we are able to right all sorts of blemishes on wooden panels, doors, paneling furniture and more, including but not limited to scratches, dents, stains, rings and more. Consequently, you’ll save money by avoiding having to replace your wooden surfaces while still enjoying wood that looks brand new, albeit without having to pay the brand new sticker price.

Imperial Restoration & Maintenance Group LLC has worked with countless home and business owners throughout New York City to provide them with the wooden surface restoration and touch up services they need.  When you call on us, we’ll have the wooden surfaces on your commercial or residential property looking pristine in no time.

If you have any general or specific questions or would like to learn more about our wood restoration and touch up services, either call us at 914-481-4976 or email us at info@imperialserviceusa.com.